Yes8sg Singapore and Chelsea Jersey is hosting a big giveaway event this Christmas

Singapore’s no.1 casino Yes8sg is about to organize a big event

Singapore: 31st December 2019 will going to be a great day of 2019 for the fans of Chelsea Jersey and Yes8sg. This day will mark a new history in the field of the casino business and football club which are two very popular brand names worldwide today and for many years now. Yes8sg will run a “Yes8sg Christmas Celebration Chelsea Jersey Giveaway” campaign in December 2019. Only a successful deposit member is qualified for the program. 3 KOLs as Yes8sg ambassador will have a video post and each of them will have their own Reference ID as a referrer to customers to win the jersey.

Yes8sg is one of the most trusted online casinos in Singapore today. Not only it is well known as the best online casino Singapore but it is also very reliable, legal, as well as credible in terms of its services and working. Besides its best rated services, it also holds the first respected position in the race of different competitive casinos in Singapore.

On the other hand, who does not know the Chelsea Jersey football club? They are playing a very crucial role in the event which will be organized by their owners and many of the players of the teams will also be part of the event. The event will be a giveaway event thus many of the attractive giveaways are planned for the attendees and one of them is-

  • Giving the Chelsea Jersey football club jersey to some of the lucky audience which is going to attend the event on this Christmas
  • Other giveaways also include some of the lucrative goodies by both of the event organizers

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Some of the other highlights of the events also include-

The event will be covered by many of the famous and reputed people of the country. The main reason behind calling the popular faces is to increase the reach of the event and to share the event-related information to maximum people. In addition to this, the event will also be covered by some of the famous Key opinion leaders. The three KLOs who are invited for this big event of the year’s are-

  • Wenxian Huang, Sabee Chin, and TzeQian who are much influential popularity online as well offline
  • They will also be covering the event and sharing the details of the event via their social media handles
  • TzeQian Wenxian Huang and sabee will disseminate about the events happening live from their Instagram account
  • They have a huge fan base and a large number of Instagram following list
  • The Instagram account via which this information will be shared are- wenxian1015_Tzeqian_c.c, sabee996
  • They will also be going to share the captured video’s of the winners via their popular Instagram accounts along with the referral ID which will be provided to each of the attendees
  • All of the audience, KOLs, Yes8sg Singapore and Chelsea Jersey football club members will celebrate their Christmas together

The certain deposit amount has been fixed for all the people who are about to join the event with the renowned online casino Yes8sg Singapore and Chelsea Jersey. Thus, to qualify for the event one must be able to deposit the amount decided by both the parties successfully prior to the event.

The campaign is all about the giveaways which are planned for the lucky customers which will be awarded by the KLOs of the event. KLOs referral ID will represent them in front of the customers when they are providing the giveaways like T-shirts of the football club- Chelsea Jersey.

Both of the alliances are great partners for a longer duration of time and this event celebration with their loving fans and members will help them to create more connections between them practically.

Yes8sg: It is a big name in the pasture of online casino Singapore from a longer duration now. It offers an extremely secure environment for the interested players for online betting Singapore. Furthermore, the best part is that Yes8sg is highly legal, credible, reliable and trustful since it is a legal online casino Singapore. It offers so many games all in one platform which is also easy to access by all the new and old customers. With the coming of Yes8sg, the online gambling casino has become much easier now. There are number of people who are now connected with the family of Yes8sg thus Yes8 Singapore Christmas Celebration Chelsea Jersey Giveaway event seems like going to be a big hit of the year.